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Interested in Rifle or Shotgun shooting, and have been wondering what it is all about or you are contemplating joining a club, then you have come to the right place.

Rifle and Shotgun Shooting is shot on outdoor ranges at Whiteman Park and the Wanneroo Shooting Complex.

If you are interested in 'having a go at our sport' but not sure who to contact, either send us an email at  where one of the committee members will contact you, or feel free to visit us on one of the shooting days as shown on our calendar.


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Registration Process Explained In The Membership Application Form.



Perth Metro (Branch Field & Game Association Inc)

As a Perth Metro member, you have access to the following grounds: The Wanneroo Shooting Complex allows access to Rifles and Sporting Clays. Rifles are hosted at the PWAC ground and Sporting Clays at our own Wanneroo Sporting Clays ground, our other ground is located at the Whiteman Park International Shooting Complex, Whiteman, WA. 




Perth Metro Constitution

By applying for membership you agree to read and abide by our constitution.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------General Information

Competition Shooting - Clays

While competition shooting is available Perth Metro, has a strong focus on Social shooting. A member can participate in a competition without being part of the competition itself, this is known as "Targets Only", or the option to attend regular practice days.

By winning State qualifying shoots you may represent W.A. in the National Championships, and if successful there, you may be selected for the Australian team to participate in the World Championships. (SCA Rules Apply)

Social Shooting (Shotgun):

With affordable membership fees & the price of the targets kept to a minimum, sporting clay shooting is now well within the range of all shooters.

Rifle Shooting:

We have access to a rifle range at the Pinjar Wanneroo Complex every Thursday and every second Sunday. It caters for all classes of rifle shooting (practice & competition) & shoots will be held on a regular basis.

Coaching and Training: ­

At Perth Metro we pride ourselves on bringing new members into Sporting Clays, providing a safe and welcoming environment for all. This includes regular group and individual coaching sessions from a new shooter to the more advanced with plenty of accredited coaches available.

The SCA hand book for beginners is available through the branch and it is highly recommended.

Membership and Privileges

Joining one of the Sporting Clays Australia Assoc. Member branches; allows you to shoot at the other branches grounds. As all branch members are part of Sporting Clays Australia Assoc.. This also means that a member can shoot at grounds located in the Eastern States and vice versa.

Licensing Support

As a member of Perth Metro, you can obtain a letter of support to include in your license application. Any firearm licensed that way can only be used on Sporting Clays Australia Assoc. approved ranges. You must remain a member there after, as the WA Police audit records ALL lapse of membership.


As a member of Perth Metro you are insured for several types of insurance.

Public Liability; Every member is insured for acts of negligence as are visitors who have signed into the visitors book.

Personal Accident; Also insured for personal insurance cover.