Club Constitution & Rules


General Safety Rules

Safety comes first at all times. All members and visitors are required to observe following rules:

• The red flag must be flying whenever a shoot is in progress.

• Ear and Eye protection must be worn at all times while shooting.

• All firearms must be unloaded and open when not in use.

• Children must be under the control of adults at all times.

• Inexperienced shooters must be accompanied by experienced shooters.

• Junior and Sub-junior shooters must be accompanied by an adult.

• Visitors who are non-members of Western Australia Field and Game Association (WAFGA) and

who are engaged in an activity that officially assists the Association must sign the "Visitors Book"

in order to be covered by Public Liability Insurance as well as Voluntary Workers Compensation Insurance.

Club Rules

In addition to the above mentioned safety rules the following also applies:

• The allowed shotgun ammunition size is 7-9 only.

There is no provision to buy shotgun ammunition at the range, so shooters must provide their own.

• Shooting under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.

• All targets used on the range must be purchased from Wanneroo Sporting Clays.

• Only shotguns are allowed to be fired at the shooting range.

• The range is located inside a water catchment area.

All rubbish must be place in bins provided by Wanneroo Sporting Clays.

Empty shotgun shells must be picked up and either taken home or disposed of in bins provided.

• Only trained and experienced members of Wanneroo Sporting Clays are allowed to handle the automatic clay target throwers.



Q. How often are shoots held.

A. Refer to the "Calendar" link and see the calendar.

Q. How do I get to Wanneroo or Whiteman Park.

A. Refer to the "Contact Us" link and see "Directions to the shooting ranges".

Q. How many times can I shoot as a visitor.

A, Generally three times. Then it is expected to see movement towards joining.

Q. Am I and a member of my family or friends covered by insurance.

A. As a member you are automatically covered by the clubs insurance. Family and friends MUST sign in the visitor’s book, upon arrival and before leaving the club room, they are then covered as a result of signing in.

Q. If I join Perth Metro Field and Game, where else can I shoot.

A. By Joining Perth Metro Field and Game. You are entitled to shoot at any Field and Game branch.

Q. Are there other branches of Field and Game.

A. Yes, Harvey, Pegasus (Lancelin), Wannamal (Bindoon), Three Springs, Moora and Miling are all branches of W.A. Field and Game.

Q. Can the club help me obtain a firearms license.

A. Yes, but there are conditions.

First you must meet the clubs safety standards.

You will also be required to be a full financial member each and every year.

The club must report all non members to the Police, who were assisted by the club in obtaining their license and have not rejoined.

Q. Are there toilets and showers at the facility.

A. Yes, Women’s, Men’s and Disabled facilities are available.

Q. Is there a dress standard.

A. Yes, neat casual with closed footwear.

Q. What personal safety items do I need.

A. Ear and Eye Protection are mandatory. This rule also applies to spectators.

Q. If I have my own shot gun can I bring it along and use it.

A. Yes, however it must be licensed in Western Australia.

Q. Is there a restriction on the size of ammunition used.

A. Yes, for competition maximum up to 28 gram only and shot size between 7 and 9 only.

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