Clubhouse Facilities

The Clubhouse Facilities at Wanneroo Sporting Clays boast the following:

Ample Parking Space,

Ground Suitable for Overnight Camping,

Showers & Toilets,

Drinking Water and Electricity.

A Fully Equipped Kitchen with Oven, Fridges and Microwaves are available for Shooters and their Families

Gas Barbecue Facilities. 

Additionally, Shooters have access to hectares and hectares of partly cleared bushland which provides a sheer unlimited range of shooting possibilities. 


Other Relevant Information

Wanneroo Sporting Clays practices a lead management policy to protect the environment and prevent pollution of soil and water. 

Members volunteer their time and resources to maintain and improve the facilities at the range.

We welcome fresh ideas for further improvements and encourage members to participate by volunteering their help and input for the benefit of all participants.