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Perth Metro Field and Game Association (PMF&GA) is one of several branch members in WA that make up Western Australian Field and Game Association (WAF&GA), which in turn is a member of WA State Field and Game which is a member of the overall governing body registered as Sporting Clays Australia Assoc” (SCA).

Sporting Clays Australia Assoc” (SCA). is a National body and has three tiers of structure per state of Australia, these are, Branch, State and Federation.

On a simulated field range the shooter has to fire at targets under a wide range of conditions and angles. The ranges are designed to provide targets as close as possible to those which might be found in hunting game in the field. Each range is designed to make the best use of the natural local features and so each range is different and each provides its own unique challenges. 

To qualify to be member of PMFGA you must be able to demonstrate a satisfactory level of competence in handling a firearm. If you have not handled firearms before PMFGA can assist you in learning.

A key goal is to enable Field and Game Shooters to experience shoots that simulate hunting situations, such as partly obstructed view, combinations of fast and slow moving targets and exotic targets like rabbit or miniature clays.

Whilst providing non-standard targets the Club also places a strong emphasis on fun and sporting aspects of shooting. The Wanneroo and Whiteman Park Range is often open for practice to provide members and visitors with the opportunity to practice and improve their skills as well as to meet and socialise with other shooters.

As with all shooting associations, Field and Game is an ambassador for promoting shooting as a safe and enjoyable sport

All members of Field and Game promote and comply with the Fundamental Rules relating to the safe handling and use of firearms and will assist and instruct less experienced shooters in proper safety procedures.

 Each Branch has its own constitution and committee; three delegates from those committees make up the State Body

About Perth Metro Field and Game

 The Field and Game Organisation was born in 1958 and has grown from its Victorian origin to an Australia wide group of active shot gunning field hunters, clay target shooters and conservationists.

Sporting Clays is one of the fastest growing shotgun sports here in Australia.

Other Branches of Field & Game in Western Australia are located in:

Harvey, Lancelin - Pegasus, Three Springs, Moora & Wannamal-Wandering & Geraldton - Echidna Park


Wildlife Management

Feral/Pest Control Shooting

In cooperation with Government authorities, members may (under strict control) participate in organised shooting to control the number of Feral Goats, Pigs etc.. which cause considerable damage to the natural environment.


Shotgun Shooting

With low membership fees and the price of targets kept to a minimum, simulated field shooting is now well within the range of all shooters. We have shooting and social weekends and these general proof to be a great time for shooters and their families.

Club championships lead onto State qualifying events and National championships. If successful, you can represent Australia in International Sporting Clays with the World Championships being the ultimate.

Rifle Shooting

Members have access to a rifle range at the Wanneroo Shooting Complex every second Sunday and also every Thursday. It will cater for all classes of rifle shooting and shoots will be held on a regular basis.

Education of New Shooters

Bring your friends and family and introduce them to the good times to be experienced in shooting. These times are ideal for keeping your eye in, or educating your partner or child in the safe handling of firearms as well as teaching them the art of shooting.